Professional merchandisers since 1995

SRB, or Svensk Rikstäckande Butiksservice, was established in 1995 and today we are Sweden’s largest actor in merchandising. SRB is a privately owned, independent company providing services in areas such as FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), home improvement and garden center retail and fashion retail, as well as in the pharmacy market. We handle both long-term assignments and temporary projects such as sales promotions, seasonal tasks and planogram revisions.

We also offer complete solutions where several areas – such as project sales, logistics, telemarketing and demo/event – can be coordinated to optimise distribution and sales.

We are everywhere

With over 450 merchandisers employed and local management in five offices, we have an unrivaled presence. SRB performs over 3 000 store visits a week, giving us local knowledge that benefits both customers and staff, and enables us to offer flexible, cost-effective solutions.

Our values

The main purpose of the SRB core values ​​is to provide all employees with a common corporate culture fundament. It is intended to offer both guidance and a pillar, and reflects how we comport ourselves in relation to customers, suppliers and colleagues. As principles to maintain the quality of and commitment to our daily work, we have chosen the following six core values: presence, competence, control, responsibility, trust, and respect.

With presence, competence, and control we form a strong organisation in which we always strive to develop our skills and business models. We show interest and are committed to our customers, colleagues and business partners. Good relations and an open dialogue also contribute to effective communication and the avoidance of misunderstandings.

Through responsibility, trust and respect, we help each other achieve good results and we do not hesitate to speak up if something doesn’t feel right. We are responsible, as far as possible, for acting constructively and in a solution focused way, with the clear ambition of being the best business partner, both as individuals and as a company.