Functioning control is key to SRB. We have therefore developed tools that allow you to track the completion of assignments in the store. With our apparatus, systems, and expertise, we guarantee the right resource in the right place at the right time, always with cost-efficiency in focus.

Through our reporting system, we continuously gather in-store information. The system is linked to our customer portal and the data that our staff record thus becomes visible online for our customers, in real time. Pictures of the visits and answers to follow-up questions facilitate optimal analysis of the mission.

Via our order taking system, we can place orders for all direct deliveries to stores, arranged by section, product group, etc. You as a customer can integrate the system with your own, or pick up your orders online through our customer portal.

As a customer of SRB, you always have access to a dedicated project manager who monitors and ensures your project all the way, from start-up, to execution and regulation, to analysis and conclusion.